The art of living well is about finding balance -

And nowhere does that balance come together more beautifully than at BGI Panama projects, in the beautiful tropical weather of Panama. - All of BGI Panama Inc., projects will provide you with four star fractional Condo Resort living. - Homes, unlike any other, to build great memories with family and friends. - A fabulous health and wellness spa for Adults, Waterpark Amenities for the whole family, and much more.

BGI Panama proposed recreational projects in Panama are not your typical vacation getaway. - Unobstructed views of the pristine Pacific Ocean on one side and of the Caribbean on the other are yours from these condo homes. - Forget the challenges of renting or the usual expenses of buying a into a Condo Resort. - Imagine the freedom of trouble-free, luxury ocean view condo ownership through fractional shares. -Own the real estate - only for the period you and your family and friends need it.

Exclusive Ownership

BGI Panama also specializes in exclusive privately owned 1 to 5 bedroom vacation properties. - We live, work and breathe the ocean air experience. - We have the expertise, professionalism and knowledge to assist former cabin, condo, and timeshare owners and renters make the transition to exceptional ocean view luxury condo ownership.